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VIA PULCHRITUDINIS participated at
I° International Convention of the Rectors and Pastoral Workers of Shrines,
27-29 November 2018, Aula Magna of the Pontificia Università Lateranense-Roma


VIA PULCHRITUDINIS, an event of a unique kind, representing the exclusive union – in perfect balancing – between exhibition and cultural event.

Four days dedicated to in-depth cultural analysis on key themes: sacred music, spaces and sacred places, painting, sculptures and glass walls; four days also focused on professional education and business opportunities.

Four days dedicated to sacred art, professional accommodation and cultural tourism, right in the heart of the city that is the heart of Christianity, Rome.

It will be a path through which rediscovery the evangelizing role of beauty, of art, where what is beautiful becomes instrument of knowledge and salvation, the opening through which man may discern the delicate presence of the Divine.


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