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VIA PULCHRITUDINIS creates new business opportunities.

VIA PULCHRITUDINIS MUNDI brings his exhibitors in the main international trade fairs of the sector in Europe and in the world, from Poland to Brazil, from Greece to Romania, with points of encounter and comparison also with orthodox markets, with collective and participation.

VIA PULCHRITUDINIS MUNDI promotes the name of VIA PULCHRITUDINIS around the world by involving new exhibitors and inviting international buyers to Rome.

The staff present at the fair is available to exhibitors of VIA PULCHRITUDINIS for the distribution of informative material, make contacts and appointments.

Contact us to arrange your presence on the International Collective.


Some appointments:
HOMI – ITALIA, Milano 25-28 January
ORTHODOXIA – GRECIA, Salonicco 12-14 May
SACRO EXPO – POLONIA, Kielce 10-12 June
BTRI – ITALIA, Assisi 16-19 June
EXPO CATOLICA – BRASILE, San Paolo 12-15 July
CMN TRADE SHOW – USA, Lancaster 30 Luglio-2 August
SALONE DEL RESTAURO – ITALIA, Bologna 18 -20 September
TTG – ITALIA, Rimini 9-11 October
CRE INTERNATIONAL – GRAN BRETAGNA, Esher-Molesey 15-17 October
ALL ROUTES ROME – ITALIA, Roma (date to be defined)
BITESP – ITALIA, Venezia 25-26-27 November

Via Pulchritudinis participated in the conference for the 45th anniversary of the CITS, the National Association that since 1974 promotes and enhances religious tourism, social and the activity of Holiday Homes.

Saturday 26 October 2019, Roma, Casa San Juan de Avila

Thanks to the Italian Social Tourism Center for the hospitality shown towards via PULCHRITUDINIS.

Thanks to the Italian Shrine liaison, to the president P. Mario Magro, for the expressed willingness towards the second edition of VIA PULCHRITUDINIS.
“Beauty will save the world”: the Via Pulchritudinis itinerary of Evangelization in the Sanctuaries.

The theme of the conference is in line with the special year that the city of Matera, the European Capital of Culture and and as requested by Pope Francis in the Motu Proprio “Sancturarium in Ecclesia”.

Matera 18 – 22 November